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Rose clay and Yogurt

Rose clay and Yogurt

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 This soap is made from saponified oils such as coconut, palm, olive, castor and sunflower, enriched with natural minerals such as rose clay, yogurt and Eucalyptus essential oil, its properties are:

It is absorbent and not abrasive at all.
 It is stimulating, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.
Promotes circulation, drains and is ideal for localized areas of fat, cellulite and / or flaccidity.
It is healing.
Restores damaged skin and soothes irritated skin.
 Regenerates collagen, promotes the growth of new cells and regenerates the elastin of the skin.
 The pink clay is revitalizing and energizing, especially indicated for dull skin.
It is depigmentante (a perfect soap for skin with imperfections and / or marks and spots).
 The result is a radiant, luminous and silky skin. 

For all types of skins


Contains yogurt